Our Church

The church started organizing in 1887 and was on record in 1889.  The church had 80 members and was listed in the Blue Stone District.  In 1910 the church was listed in the Allegheny District.

The original building was begun in 1891 and dedicated in 1896.  The building with its three towers was dedicated in 1897 and dominated the skyline of the Narrows of the New River.  It was located in an alley between Main and Wolf Streets on the highest level elevation in east Narrows.

In 1954 the need for a new and larger building was apparent.  The church membership was 360 and church school enrollment was 269.  After a lot of fund raising and efforts by the hard working members, the present church had its ground breaking ceremony in 1955.  Located on Memorial Boulevard, the building was dedicated on May 5, 1957 at a cost of $140,000.  The mortgage burning ceremony was held July 1971.

The church has owned two parsonages, one on Wolf Street and one on Fairview Street.

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